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01.23.2013 , 11:13 AM | #8
Personally I would love the VIP lounge the game on both Republic and Empire side to have something, as it stands right now is a complete letdown the only other thing for me that is just as disappointing as the VIP lounge Star Wars the older Republic is a the infamous pre-ending to the mass effect series. It does not make sense to have the people who have paid more into collectors edition of the game to get less benefits or nearing equal of that of free to play players this may be exaggeration on my part but it does not change the facts that many other parts of the game have been changed and edited to suit the wants and needs of players, and the collectors edition purchasers have not seen a single update since pre-launch of the game.

The idea are prepared to be a dueling arena in their would be increasingly substantial, however I believe there should be a number of vendors with exclusive merchandise for the collectors edition purchasers what and clued rare pets, social gear, vehicles, emotions, moods, toys, banners, companion customization kits, augmentable weapons similar to that what can be purchased through the cartel market without it being extremely high cost.