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Big spoilers of story for all characters types....
Let me begin, feel free to correct me as you read, yell back and call me names, I don't care and I'll do it to your posts anyway if I feel like it.
I've not completed any of the stages all the way through to the end. I will admit that now, I have had to restart over and over and over again because I get to a point and I have to redo everything from the start.

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Starting with Jedi Knight, No force powers, no lightning, even Consular has no lightning, Yoda had lightning.
Firstly, Yoda had no Force Lightning, Count Dooku had Force Lightning, Yoda just collected into his palm and sent it back at Dooku. Secondly, No lightsider has ever had Force Lightning, not even in the books and Comics.

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Plus the Sith side has Revan, Revan is the bad good guy from the Xbox game. Who was Sith and had his memories erazed and became Jedi who fought Miss hottnest Brath or what ever it was after she turned evil after taking all of Revans evil into her.
Revan is the hero of Kotor, Kotor was a PC game first, the Xbox game is a port. The Jedi he saved was Bastilla Shan, who was corrupted by Darth Malak, not Revan, even with the link to Revan she remained Lightside.

Finally, you will not get the perfect game, just finish a story line to the end, then you can complain all you want, provided you get you're back story correct.
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