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01.23.2013 , 10:03 AM | #32
Leveling new characters, the only real problem I've had with PUGs lately is players who quit the group because they're so "good." Kind of the opposite of the "elite" testimony on this board.

In every case the group goes on to beat the heroic or flashpoint without too much trouble, usually using a companion.

Literally have had 4 cold-quits lately, sometimes after a wipe, sometimes not. Once as I was just politely trying to explain CCing to group members before we even started.

Spend a minute talking to the people in your group if they don't understand the dynamics. Worse-case scenario is you wipe a couple times, which makes it more fun when the group gets it together and triumphs.

It's frustrating when people don't understand basic tactics that could fit on an index card, but you've got a chat box.