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01.23.2013 , 03:50 AM | #414
The only things sorc dps has over sniper is offhealing and mobility. If the mobility factor wasn't so easily countered by the large abundance of roots our survivability wouldn't be so bad.

Oh course this does nothing to address our very inferior baseline abilities, burst or cast reliability, defensive cooldowns or crowd control compared to snipers.

I'm not saying sorcerer's should be able to beat snipers with out LOS 1v1 but the class needs work. That starts with updating the baseline skills to make the class operate better and be less easily shutdown in a group scenario. The people saying the class is perfectly fine tend to not even play sorcerer as a dps if they play sorceror at all. Just because the class can kite well enough in 1v1 situations does not mean it is working fine in a group setting.
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