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01.23.2013 , 03:47 AM | #10
“You will lose Drouk Hunter if you return to medcenter, remain out of combat for too long, or if you re-engage Dreadooth at full health.”

So don't go to a medcenter, don't leave combat for more than 1 minute/60 seconds and don't leave leave combat heal up to 100% and rejoin the fight (although I've never tested the last one).

Retaining Drouk Hunter isn't the issue, it's odd that out of 12 of you only 6 got the buff though.

Keep in mind you entering combat seems to have some effect getting the buff, so I'd advise healers to start healing and dps to start dpsing as soon as the tank pulls - try stacking right behind the tank or next to the offtank (you don't need an offtank for 1 stack but it helps).
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