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01.23.2013 , 03:12 AM | #64
Skadge. I hate, utterly DESPISE Skadge. I never wanted him on my ship, and the only way I want him on my ship now is stuffed and mounted- oh, and then I'll shoot him out the airlock, because I STILL wouldn't want him taking up room. His affection is massively negative with me and he's STILL THERE.

This actually made me angry at BioWare for forcing him on me and not having any way I can say 'get the hell off my ship'.

I know they removed the ability to kill off companions way back in beta, but they should have initiated a way for 'you're not wanted on my ship' and if they were to ever become important story-wise down the road, well, I'm sure they can intrude upon our lives once more.