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I know a lot of people run SM ops for comms, and a lot run them to gear up their toons. My jugg is still gearing up, and tonight we had a KP SM run.

Long story short, some guy in mostly campaign and rak rolled need on a columni mainhand weapon for SW when he was playing a healing sorc. Now, I can see needing on crap in FP , esp tionese garbage, to gear up your companions. But when you're clearly that geared already and just running for comms, is it really just allowed to screw someone like that?

When called out on it, he immediately drops group, won't trade, and whispers me some lame garbage about how he owes me one, as if I'd ever run an OP with that kind of person again. I won't post his name in the forums since the devs seem to dislike that, but I do have a couple of questions:

1) Is it inappropriate to repeatedly call the guy out in gen-chat and to let his guidies know what he did?

2) Assuming you think so, why is it permissible to gimp my progress in such a fashion? Please leave out any garbage about companions, since I cannot possibly think of any reason (or quest) that requires you to have a companion with columni mods. When I soloed the two H2 in the HK-51 quest my companion wasn't even in tionese.
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