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That second Wookiepedia quote describes events that took place in the Fatal Alliance novel, which occurs right around the same time as the game. Shan is Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the novel, and both the Imperial and Republic characters in the novel consider a resurgence of war to be imminent - just like many people in the game do.

I'm not sure that I'd place the first quote with the events of the "Hope" trailer, however. The depiction of Alderaan in the Deceived novel doesn't have battles still raging on the planet. That novel covers the time period including the Sacking of Coruscant and the Treaty of Coruscant, even providing a novelized version of Malgus's assault on the Jedi Temple from the "Deceived" trailer.

My understanding (which I realize could be wrong) has been that the game takes place in 3643 BBY, roughly 10 years after the Treaty of Coruscant. I'll try to take a look through my copies of Deceived and Fatal Alliance for descriptions of Satele Shan, then edit them into this post in case that might help with this question.

Everything from this point on has been edited in after the above

Quote: Originally Posted by Deceived
Satele, on the other hand, looked as tightly wound as an ion coil, her gaze fixed straight ahead, her auburn hair mussed, the veneer of her neutral expression unable to mask the emotion boiling beneath it. [p.42]
Quote: Originally Posted by Fatal Alliance
"Tell him why," said Grand Master Satele Shan, standing at his side with hands folded firmly before her. She was a full head shorter than Shigar but radiated an indomitable sense of self. [p.17]

With a finely boned face and gray-streaked hair, she was not a tall woman [...] [p.36]

[...] the slight woman with the gray streak wearing the robes of a Jedi Knight. [p. 252]

[...] a mature woman with gray-streaked brown hair [...] [p. 341]
These are the most useful passages that include any physical description of Satele Shan from those two novels - though admittedly they aren't that useful, after all.