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You comparing incomparables here. You don't even have weakening blast yet. You don't have enough crit chance for energy regen. You are playing against players that don't even have their full set of abiilties to counter you. An assassin before lvl 38 is a complete joke for lethality.. until he gets force shroud.

Once you will get into 50 pvp with sniper, you will only play lethality in extremely good teams, because outside of that you will be less effective than a Full MM Sniper and less resiliant than a full Engineering Sniper.

Oh and lethality on huttball is a waste of spot.
So basically, sniper gets even more powerful at 50? Sounds good to me.

I liked the part best where you said there would be teams that would take me for DPS- it's not even a fathomable notion to entertain for sorc dps to get into RWZ teams (at least not ones that like winning).