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I don't think I've ever seen so much nonsense in a single thread before, good lord.

First, deception has way more survivability than madness. The aoe reduction with cloak cooldown reduction alone is worth that entire tree in the lolsmash metagame we play in currently. On top of that, dark embrace giving 25% flat damage reduction to everything and easily maintained indefinitely in all but the most drawn out battles is a huge boon to any class. Smashers cry all the time.

Second, I have never once had a force issue with full deception, not since the game was released and still not today. And I played deception exclusively for a very long time. In fact, darkness with thrash is by far the most force starved (go thrashless people), and dark embrace will end up providing vastly more amounts of force than deathmarks. Madness generates the least force out of the 3 specs, which is definitely not made up for with the thrash/shock reduction talent since deception reduces shock cost by half. These people claiming wakajinn defeats force starvation are losing their minds; there was no starvation issue to begin with.

Third, madness has way more dps than deception. And if you think it's due to tab dotting, you're mistaken. Tab dotting is a good way to get big numbers with minimal effort, but the end result is nearly exactly the same dps as if you had tunelled one healer who never died for the entire game. The only difference is that it's easier to keep your targets from dying if you tab dot, and they almost certainly die if you use your rotation on one target, thus causing your dot damage to be wasted. That's not something you should consider as a fault.

Fourth, deception having more burst than madness is a lie. It's more front-loaded in deception and more back-loaded in madness, please don't confuse these two points as being the same.

Fifth, using shroud to "shut down" deception is ridiculous. Anyone who assumes enough competence to see 2x VS and pop shroud should expect the same competence from the attacker: see big glowie guy, use low slash, wait 4s.

Lastly, the wakajinn spec does less dps than full deception and I hate it. I can't remember the last time I wasn't able to stop a cap I needed to stop because I lacked DF, and gimping your damage output for an ability you haven't fully buffed via the madness tree when you don't really need it is short sighted. (Not really an argument at all, wakajinn is ok it's just a pet peeve of mine =P).

Setting those issues aside, you may all continue.
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