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Cartel Packs piss me off. I can't understand people actually paying real money for this uninteresting boring junk.
It's not that much BW doing bad job with them as such. It's just that unles you go to honest-to-god pay2win route, WoW clones make a completely impossible soil for items exiting enough to ask real money for.

Packs like these can work great in a dynamic sandbox MMO. Take Ultima Online for example. That game has absolutely, completely insane amount of sheer DEPTH in itemization. Amount of genuinely different types of items with genuinely different purposes in Ultima Online is completely and literally incomprehensible to someone who has only ever played TOR or other WoW clones. In such environment, I can perfectly well understand a cash shop.

In Ultima Online, there are just so many different types of items with so many varyingly fun and exiting uses that it gives such shop a purpose. Unless taking the PaytoWin road, TOR(and other WoW clones) can never have an item interesting enough to ask real money for.Not in my books. Hurrr imma pay 10 bux for a change to get the mask Revan had durrrrr. lol.

In TOR, an item can only exist in three places.
- In loot window of some kind. (Killed enemy, Mailbox, Vendor, GTN)
- In your inventory (or bank)
- On your character, ship or companion. (Includes gear, mounts, token player pets)

Literally only items in this game that you can actually see in game world (besides as lame icons in inv) are stuff you can equip, mounts, stupid pets. That's it. If it is not a new bath robe, new weapon, new space motorcycle or some stupid space puppy the item essentially can not exist.

You can not even drop a gosh darned item on ground in this game. (Obviously I refuse to count stuff like ..Banners that have 30 min cooldown and make some..hologram on ground for 30 secs..I mean..come on. ) Items in this game don't exist in any meaningful way. You can't actually see or manipulate them in any meaningful way anywhere ever.

Ultima Online, an MMO developed and released at dawn of Internet, is miles ahead of WoW and her clones in this. Guess what happens to a chair you put on ground? It on ground:O In game world:O :O
You can then actually sit on this chair:O:O:O:O It would actually be very difficult and time consuming to properly describe just how much value and purpose to items something like this gives.

Yet, game like TOR gets 200+++mil budgets and Ultima Online gets.. uh, no visibility at all. Angers me.
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