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12.20.2011 , 04:55 PM | #11
My Main is a Vangaurd Shield Spec, and I am a tank.

I have never had a problem tanking in heroics or flashpoints, why? Because regardless of who the group leader is, the tank controls the ebb and flow of the mission.

If you are the tank, then take charge of the group, its as simple as that. Healers keep tanks alive so that the pew pew's (or, in this game froom froom's) can go ahead and slice, dice and shoot holes in the baddies.

If they dont want you controlling the speed of the mission based upon Healer cooldowns, and your own taunt/mitigation cooldowns. Then leave the group.

Second in charge should be the Healer...

THEN the CC/support types...

THEN the DPS'rs...

DPS players should never be lead on anything, nothing against them, I like playing DPS toons as well. But they tend to make things harder on everyone else.

Just my two cents. If the peeps you are grouped with do not like that, oh well, leave, and let them find someone else.