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Some days ago, me and some guildies/friends decided to challenge Dreadtooth in Section X, too.
He got one stack and we were 12 men (and women), decently geared, so it shouldn’t be much trouble. So we thought.

But in fact we wiped a couple of times. I guess not due to lacking DPS/HPS (even with half of us and 2/3 Heal down - see below - we got him to roundabout 60%), but since half of our group received the “Dread”-debuff upon pulling Dreadtooth or within seconds into the fight.

Usually (and according to the guides I know... Dulfy's for example), you shouldn’t be too far from the tank pulling Dreadtooth to receive the “Drouk Hunter”-buff (for receiving codex, title and loot).

We stood near each other with the tank between 10 meters (nearest try) and 25-30 meters (most remote try) away from us (and also Dreadtooth at about the same distances), some received Drouk Hunter, some don’t and instead received the Dread-debuff within seconds.
After receiving the debuff, the appropriated players (always about half of our group) were killed within seconds with a zero-damage-note.

So the questions that came to our minds were:

(a) where/in which distance you have to be from the tank and/or Dreadtooth to receive the Drouk Hunter-buff and not the Dread-debuff?

(b) where/in which distance from Dreadtooth (and perhaps the white circle) you have do be to retain Drouk Hunter and not loose it/receive Dread? (perhaps different for melees and ranges?)

(c) is there any other condition not mentioned for receiving either the buff or debuff?

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