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I have been demeaned once in a hmfp on my healer, before the flashpoint even started because I was not wearing my rakata shell top. The guy bemoaned me for a good 5 mins about needing the set bonus. I let him moan, ignored him until he threaten to kick me. I then said only two words Campaign Armoring. So before you give someone advise, think about how you are doing it and also make sure you know what you are talking about.
Heh this is quite funny! I have my marauder which I play as main dressed into cartel item chestpiece because it looks way more cool than the cybernetic end game pieces marauders get and I can still feel strange looks on me because of the chestpiece even though I have over 20k health with my fully augmented rakata/BH gear with campaign armorings I sometimes have to ask people to inspect my gear when they begin to complain about my "gear"

The most funny thing I have seen around was on Tatooine when I saw a ~25 level trooper running around! Yeah a level 25 TROOPER with no advanced class
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