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Well Sins get a passive 25% shock buff (like why? the can use their sabre to hurt people, we can't), but not only does that tank FL do more damage with 3 stack harnessed darkness, but it heals them too and is uninterupptable! But yes, why the heck madness sorcs don't get anything like this (FL self-healing when death mark on the subject), and I can't for the life of me work out how they can make master strike/ravage uninterruptable but madness sorcs FL isn't. It is as you say, salt in an already very deep wound.

But I also can't work out why we as the "mage" class don't get shroud, but sins do.

Yeah the self-heal makes force management as a healer in PvE a joke, but does nothing for a dps sorc.

But re force managment, a lightning sorc never has resource problems, what with passive regen from the filler attack (lightning strike) and effusion, and having to take either more force or the force cost reduction to actually take talents higher up in the tree. Madness yeah it sucks on a whole new level to run out of force cos you've had to keep reapplying dots etc.

yea and "tank" sins can shock twice as hard as we can

their deathfield, dots and forcelightning tick just as hard

thatd be like letting us thrash for 4k