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No, I thought she was awesome. So at least two people like her.
I love having her with my Operative. She's helped define my character beyond the basic idea I started with:

A Chiss talented at bending rules and authority figures almost to their breaking point, spinning situations to his benefit. He has a directive from the Chiss Ascendancy: study the Sith, study the Empire, push their buttons without actually making them snap, learn their strengths and weaknesses - a double agent from the start. Every conversation, every situation is a chess game with changing rules he has to adapt to, play to his advantage, without crossing his own sketchy lines on right and wrong. That makes Kaliyo a special kind of rush for someone like him.

I like Lokin. He's another challenge. Vector is... strange. Temple I've only just met. And I hear there's a killer robot in my near future. Should be fun.

But companions I did not like so far (having played Warrior and Knight all the way through):
1: Broonmark - is a homicidal maniac I'd have put down given the choice.
2: Rusk - I simply have no use for, makes little sense.
3: Doc - I really wish I had no use for him.

Ones I'm on the fence about:
1: Jaesa (Light Side) - Had no interest in creating a bloodthirsty psycho (see Broonmark) but uh... this version is kind of creepy, like a fanatic or zealot, all Joan of Arc. I'd like to send her back to the Jedi with a private note for the council saying, "I did what all of you could not. You're welcome."
2: Scourge - his story ends feeling somewhat unresolved.
3: Ashara - She makes sense for my male Assassin tank (story-wise and in playstyle) but I think she's going to be horrible with my scarred, chaotic Sorceress.
4: Kira - For all that she's with you, all the companion conversations you have with her, Kira rings hollow in my opinion if you're not playing a male Knight. I'm going to try that eventually, go Guardian so I can have her around past Balmorra.