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Nope, not broken. And, no offense, but if you don't enjoy the mechanics of crafting why craft? You can buy everything you need from others that enjoy it and usually at very reasonable prices.

Who said anything about not enjoying it? I simply thought the process might have been bugged.

As it turns out I tried relogging after the terrible run of luck and got a schem on the 3rd attempt after that so PERHAPS...that had something to do with it.

As for those of you saying its a re-roll each time. I understand that, but Im wondering how many of you might not understand odds and statistics. The way it works is like this: Statistically I have a one in 5 chance of hitting a schematic. That means that the more times I attempt and fail, the greater my odds are that I will hit on the next attempt...statistically speaking of course. When you dont hit after 30 or 40 attempts, either the mechanic is broken or you are deep nito a statistical anomally.

If you flipped a coin 10 times and hit heads every time, wouldnt you question whether or not the coin was "rigged"?

Again, I wasnt actually complaining about this topic. I am well aware of the limitations of the system. Just couldnt fathom how my luck was soooo bad for so long.