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01.23.2013 , 12:29 AM | #52
Are those stat targets you posted for the Infiltration Hybrid fully buffed?

I've got like 27% crit buffed with like 970 Force Bonus Damage in my Tank hybrid set but only 899 Force Bonus damage but like 35% crit unbuffed in my infiltration hybrid set (this is because I focused on the power mods in the other set first).

Been trying to figure out the optimal crit amounts in each set.

Also, if you're using the PVE stalker set bonus, which I'm a big fan of, I always personally put two points in the crit damage talent in the balance tree instead of two points in mental potency. A double strike that crits a lot combined with a double strike with essentially 126% crit multiplier is pretty awesome for sustained damage.

But that may just be my PVE mindset coming into things =/
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