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I'm all for tolerance and open-mindedness, but maturity is a two way street. I know that if I were to read something that offended me in general chat, I wouldn't dwell on it. I also know that if it continued to bother me, I would just close it. General chat is only really helpful to ask the community questions about the game, troll, and gold spam. The one thing that aggravates me about the SWTOR community is their willingness to whine about everything under the sun... It gets old people. Maybe its just the times, but it feels like people get way too worked up over words...
No... This is tolerance taken too far. Why are there rules? Why are they not enforced? Why do normal people have to be at the mercy of degenerates? Why should normal people just shrug and look for justification instead of solutions?

I've been ignoring and shutting off chat for too long now. I personally cannot do anything to the people who wouldn't dare say the things they say to a persons face that is written in chat- and it is getting progressively more insulting, obscene, immature. That is why there needs to be enforcement. Tolerance isn't working because there is no threat of consequences. This is a bug that needs to be fixed.

I don't dwell on most of the inane chatter that is gen chat. But when you see someone talking about ****** children- and others attacking people who express outrage and disgust over such a statement; something needs to be done. If people can't act with some semblance of a respectable human then they need to be dealt with.

Follow the rules agreed to when the game was installed, or pay the consequences. Me turning off my chat is not a solution, but a self imposed hindrance because there is no one with the power to address these type issues.