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01.22.2013 , 06:36 PM | #7
1) Spec full telekinetic for leveling.
2) Spec into tidal wave
3) start fights with Telekinetic Wave

if level 34 or above
4) forcequake (keybind it so you can place it immediately on group)
5) fire off another Telekinetic wave when "tidal wave" proc, if not finish mobs off with rock throw or something.

Its very force friendly and if you have decent gear, you can solo Heroic 2x pretty easily with CC and heal on Q... because you have the best force regen.

Most time I finish fights with 80%hp, 80% force... if i put bubble on myself, i'm at 95% hp and 70% force (bubble stun enemy too remember in telekinetic tree)

Balance is very 1v1 dmg... it takes longer and less efficient.