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Hey man,
<APEX> is always recruiting for our groups. We have 5 active groups and all of them are at least up to HM EC Kephess. Our top group is 3/4 NiM EC and 9% gosh darn percent away from clearing that awful instance. We accept all members with any gear and experiance in raids. The raid number designates the night you raid and all raids start at 530PST. On nights that we dont raid we have chaotic/drunk pvp or world boss kills. Contact me on Atriss in game or shoot me a message here. Also, is our website. We have any where from 10-20 members on during the day with 26-30 on during peak hours. 5 page guild tab with stims and any thing you need for raids on us. 100k repair bill a week. Good luck to you guys and where ever you end up

Edit: just noticed the forums changed it to gosh darn. That wasn't intentional
Geag SKT'T-one Ătriss