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It clearly says it is a heroic 4 quest, it's expected that users be able to understand that it means it was suited for 4 players to complete. It's not the developers job to put a warning on everything because you were too impatient to fill up the other slots with players.

Sorry, but they did this as a way to force you to group seeing as how I can solo HM FP's on my own with just my comp and I can do every other Heroic 2+ quest in this game, and the other Heroic 4 they give me at Black Hole. "Suited" and "required" are very different things. So far no other Heroic quest requires more than a single person.

The point is that they made this one with the requirement of having 4 people... which is sort of annoying. They are sort of forcing group content on you to get the weekly bonus. I get operations needing groups, but I felt this level of forced is a bit annoying.