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01.22.2013 , 04:36 PM | #6
Spent a few hours browsing the GTM last night, there are quite a few pants. I can't remember what I decided on, this is for my Shadow anyway, but they are clean looking pants, a couple of small pockets on the hiney, nice and snug and look fantastic with the clean snug top she wears.

There are quite a few pants on the GTM, but as stated, you can buy some of those from social vendors. I am constantly ctrl left clicking everything.

It burns me badly because in Beta I found some blue robes that looked just like Visas', even had the sleek hooded appearance, and of course they were fully moddable, but alas, this was changed and I only want moddable gear because I like to actually play my characters. Now the inquisitors get some nice sleek robes but we get bulky, block your peripheral vision, robes.