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To the OP. No, they are not. There are basically 2.5 different playstyles to choose from. You can go full out DPS, you can be a bubble master (too bad this doesn't show up as protection, maybe discount bubble absorb by 75% or something to guards), or crazy healing. Bubble you have to pick one or the other as your alt, so it only counts at .5.

Yes, you need other characters to keep from getting stale. I use a lot of skills on my healer. You should be thinking of skipping healing altogether. You have lifts, stuns, slows, interrupts, and all these things are hugely important. Bubble is instant, it's your first line in healing, giving you time to get off a real heal, if you don't have your instant heals yet.

For DPS, I don't know, I play my Shadow when I want to kill things, but there's some fun game play vids on youtube. If you are using 4 skills you are selling yourself short in PVP.

As for PvE, the consular storyline is a bit meh to me. Apparently DS choices offer very little change to the end game story, so that's crappy. I am leveling my Consulars through PvP with a bit of space battling thrown in. I will then run straight through the class story once I hit 50 and don't have to do side/planet quests to level. It will be more fun that way. It's like 300k to unlock the legacy WZ exp boosts.

The Trooper story was alright, but it was more broken up into sections than some of the other stories, so 1 chapter is more appealing than others. I don't know, pick your poison, any class will become boring if you play the hell out of it. If you are not hitting more than 4 keys in pvp, you will die a lot and your teammates will as well.