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01.22.2013 , 04:24 PM | #42
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You do realize that one year later there have been MAJOR changes to the game, right? Such as server mergers and a transition to F2P? These things all effect server populations.

Now the game is growing again so BioWare is probably a bit surprised that there seems to be another surge of playing going on. Hopefully they will address this soon, but to act like it's totally unacceptable is a bit near-sided.

I also maintain it's a sign of a healthy game.
It is totally unacceptable. Red Eclipse keeps breaking. I'd say frequent downtime for a single server with no refund is a fairly valid reason to complain. Not saying I care about a refund, I care about them fixing this on a permanent basis- something is clearly wrong, and using sellotape to fix something is just putting the problem off rather than dealing with it.