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Query: What were these 'unforeseen events' exactly. I know Palpatine somehow undermined Thrawn out of spite but I have no real idea why...

Oh and the reason that Thrawn was 'conveniently' dispatched to the Unknown Regions when the Battle of Yavin, Hoth and Endor happened was because if Thrawn had been their the Rebels would never have won the war and half of the entire Star Wars saga would have been rendered obsolete. A mere plot device.

But great post.

May as well make a suggestion for a future post. Perhaps Asajj Ventress? I really like the character but only know her from TCW series. If you know anything about her that would be interesting, but play to your strengths.
Leia's involvement with the Noghri was a major one (as it led to his bodyguard killing him). The loss of the clones and the insane Jedi C'Boath crippled his production capabilities. And the Smuggler's Alliance with Rogue Squadron breached his defenses (after his untimely death).

He literally had everything the New Republic could throw at him in his final battle. Victory at Bilbringi would have cemented his conquest of the galaxy. Thrawn never expected Leia to help the Noghri, and didn't think Wayland could be breached.

Palpatine severely hampered Thrawn's efforts. He consolidated Imperial power at Byss, making a majority of the fleeting Empire ignore Thrawn. It is conceivable that he thought Thrawn was a threat to his return, but he really wasn't. Had Palpatine actually contributed to Thrawn's Campaign, the New Republic would have been beaten sooner (provided Thrawn didn't make a too complicated plan). But even without the full backing of the Empire, Thrawn was still winning.

Ventress? I would have to wait until TCW ends. I don't want to post a thread and then have to update it later (hence my ignoring the Clone Wars in the Dooku and Plo Koon threads).

Edit: On a side-note, I will be doing a thread on the Thrawn Campaign.
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