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01.22.2013 , 02:13 PM | #61
After reading the responses, I would form the opinion that most of you are happy and content with the current form of PVP warzones. You enjoy one lopsided victories. You enjoy killing new players over and over and get a thrill off it.

Also, most of you are quite insulting when posting, anger issues ? Or you are so happy with the current state that you do not wish any changes.

After reading your responses I have decided to let my sub end. I know, I know you don't care, the game is better off with out me playing, don't let door hit me on the way out.

I'm not leaving because PVP in my opinion is horrible for new players, or due to getting PVP gear or disparity in queue solo and pre-made groups being thrown all in one. I am leaving because most of the responses are rude and insulting and I don't want to even consider joining your swtor community, since you represent them.

To those that did post constructive and informative responses, thank you it was much appreciated. Makes believe there is a slim hope for mankind.

Again thank you for a warm welcome in your swtor community and goodbye.