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aviditas (Latin): n. Greed, covetousness; keen desire, lust/passion.

These are some of the personal trials, triumphs and travails of my Sith Warrior, Eilan -- or as he's called in game, Avidior. For the most part, these stories happen parallel to the storyline that plays out during the game, although a couple act as prequels of a sort. Because of the frequent skirting around of in-game events, this is less of a story in chapters and more of a collection of short pieces.

Comments welcome, especially any insight into Miraluka abilities -- Wookieepedia is a bit vague on things, and the Force is a nebulous topic anyway, but if I'm pulling something that absolutely can't be done, let me know ;D

Adrift (The Sacking of Coruscant)
Our Secrets (approximately 5 years before the game starts)
Not Herself (potentially vague spoilers for the Dark Temple area of Dromund Kaas)
Arrangements (post-Dromund Kaas)
Extraneous Variables (pre-Balmorra)
Defining the Battlefield (early Balmorra)
Exit Strategy (end of Balmorra)
After-Action Report (end of Nar Shaddaa)
Ebon Hawk * The Thirteenth Legion * RP/Social/Casual
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Forging Fortune * Aviditas