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01.22.2013 , 01:34 PM | #8
Kitru, it's been long over due that I got to bounce relic ideas around with someone. To argue against a few points:

1) The 20 seconds of use for DG. Yea, that was annoying to see. However, for defense click relics, the Campaign relic has always been 20 seconds of use, and the Rakata relic is only available to Artifice users. So, unless you're using Artifice you're stuck with 20 seconds on use, at which point the DG relic is more favorable for its higher boost and higher endurance. It appears I was wrong about click relic cooldowns, though I'm not sure why you would need two then, given you have 2 good cooldowns as a Jugg and hopefully adrenals. That's another debate though.

2) I'll concede Matrix Cube ~= Absorb Proc for Juggs. I like the Matrix Cube more for its main stat and decent endurance (more than Campaign relics, less than DG relics) than its defensive stats since I take all lettered mods and have some real ******* Marauders in my guild. I've been running that setup since before the DG relics were put in game and I didn't have much in the way of 63 gear, so I'm a bit stuck in my ways.

3) The PVP Defense relics are very good, but I would caution against using 2 of them. The Elite War Hero relics lose 51 endurance to the DG relics and take away a soft cooldown.

Can we come to an agreement that the more preferable arrangement is 1 (E)War Hero Defense relic and 1 DG Defense click relic for Juggs? The extra Defense on use (5.25% for me, sitting at 566 Defense Rating) can be very useful when things are only going slightly bad, and is pretty much needed with an adrenal or second click relic to survive the last phase of NiM Kephess.