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Not really. How many relationship consulars are single or have multiple divorces. Sometimes people can give great advice, yet be unable to follow it themselves. The series takes place in between Ep. 2 and 3, and I don't see any inconsistencies with Anakin. In the show he still demonstrates his hot-headedness and seems to reign in this (sometimes) around Asoka. Sometimes being a teacher is the best learning experience one ever has.

For one, clones are not "murderous animals." They never are. They are soldiers. They follow orders. Plain and simple. The fact that they have obidience written into them genetically, makes this even more understandable. Not following orders can have disastrous consequences that you may not be able to predict because you don't have all the facts.

To look at in other terms, you are assigned to protect a rising leader. He pulls your country from starvation and chaos and makes an orderly and prosperous society. People have jobs, are fed, have a sence of pride again. Just then, you are given orders to kill him. You have seen no outward signs of any wrong doing. He charming, charismatic, he has been kind to you and your family. He has given you everything you could want as a person and member of society. Well by now, you must realise I'm speaking of Hitler. Without the hindsight of history, would you have followed the order?

Being clones, following orders is hardwired into them. Yes, there are some failures: genetic defects. Traitors are genetic defects. The chancelor is commander and chief. The only real way to disobey would be to have a genetic defect. Liking your orders and following them are two different things.

Well we know that is the fate of Asoka as well. Does Vader kill her or does she die, giving us one more piece of the puzzle for the fall of Anakin (foreshadowed by Yoda in the pilot movie)? We will have to follow this storyline to conclusion to find out. Considering that Matt Latner and Ashley Eckstein had a private recording session for the final episode for season 5, suggests the whole of the CW storyarc is going to receive some dramatic shake up. And as usual, Dave Feloni is being coy about it.

So, no I don't see the stark contradictions you do. And by definition, since George is the lead on this, it really can't be wrong.
I have to disagree with you there. To say the clones were only obeying orders is a little bit bold. The Nazis only obeyed orders, were they not murderous animals during their genocide? I watched ROTS recently, and the way they not only murder the Jedi, but continually shoot them even when they're down and dead is remorseless to me. They were the root of so much death across the galaxy, and killing children is unacceptable. You can say they're genetically engineered, but TCW doesn't show them to be mindless drones -- it shows them having individuality and intellect. So, they could easily disobey the order as they form friendships and bonds with their Jedi Generals.

Admittedly, wrongly was the incorrect word as GL has final say on his vision of the SW universe. What I meant was, I personally have small problems with the points I raised, they don't bug me too much as I still love the show and watch it on a weekly basis. It's just, every time I see the clones, I always think they're as heartless as Death Watch and have a capacity to murder as shown in ROTS when they hunt down Jedi without a care in the world.