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I was thinking ( I may be wrong though) that this "more info soon" was referring to the part of the statement that said they were planning for more SGR options in the future. My expectation would definitely be that if Makeb has only flirts, actual SGRAs would be implemented later, possibly with old/new companions, possibly with NPCs, depending on where they're going with SGRs in general. Anything less than that is not something I would be content with.
They're probably going to scrap SGRA's with companions because they're "really hard" and.... no, no that's just too bitter, even for me.

More SGR options in the future is probably just going to be throw-away [Flirt]s for a very, very long time. Particularly if they take heed of the thread in the Suggestion Box that states they need to balance PvP perfectly, finish PvE end-game for forever, add in Pazaak Racing and Bubble Chairs before they do any Story Content.

And haven't class stories been indefinitely scrapped? It's a pity that companions qualify as class content then (unless you buy them from the Cash Shop) :/