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As much as I'd like for Mr. Hickman's "more info soon" statement to be that Mr. Gonzalez and Ms. Berryman will be engaging with us in this thread about our concerns and specifically covering the same-gender companion romances (basically all the information that would have been great to have in the year just past, i.e. there will be delays, this is awful, we're sorry), I don't expect that to happen. It's more than likely the "more info soon" is going to be "You get ONE same-sex [Flirt] for a male NPC and ONE same-sex [Flirt] for a female NPC, because then they're equal, isn't that nice? Oh, and opposite-sex [Flirt]s number elventy-billion."
I was thinking ( I may be wrong though) that this "more info soon" was referring to the part of the statement that said they were planning for more SGR options in the future. My expectation would definitely be that if Makeb has only flirts, actual SGRAs would be implemented later, possibly with old/new companions, possibly with NPCs, depending on where they're going with SGRs in general. Anything less than that is not something I would be content with.

A propos soup. As chance would have it, I am making soup right now, it's been cooking for over an hour. How very fitting.