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Was stumbling around the forums, and wanted to provide some support, in a different sort of way, to what Cates said.

Likely the best, or best known, guardian tank on our server (Jedi Covenant), Cates not only runs with a good group, but plays reasonably well with objectives and is absolutely right in saying that (whatever he does) makes him incredibly durable. The amount of time it takes to wear away the hitpoints, eat through the cooldowns, and chew up the Guardian known as Cates leaves *minutes* of time for his supporting team members to come along to his aid. This observation comes from a few attempts at his dance party alpha tango mash up in civil war, in his few solo ventures.

That being said, when he is provided with someone to guard, neither he nor that individual ever seem to die. Apart from his ability, the combination of his guardian leap (heal), gear set up, ultra high endurance (which helps his self heal), taunts, and obviously his healer, this set up is the most durable tanking set up I've come across in my year of killing/separating healers and their tanks, across three servers.

At any rate, this isn't a post to bury my face in his butt, but more to support his words. Whatever he is doing, he's doing it right. I'd listen up.
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