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Quote: Originally Posted by Brimmer View Post
It is likely too late now, but it would be nice if they focused on what the majority of players wanted in the game such as have a monthly or weekly survey on what type of content people wanted in game.

2.) operations
3.) cartel junk
4.) companion content
5.) story
6.) warzones
7.) vanity items
8.) other

^ for an example
They ARE focused on those things, so you got what you want.

Quote: Originally Posted by LanceCorporalDan View Post
I agree that BW needs to prioritize better. Maybe fix what's wrong with the game before adding onto it?

Idk but it doesn't make sense to have a weak and faulty foundation for a building and to just keep adding and building on that. Eventually that building comes down.

Fix the problems you already have BW before adding new content with most likely newly added problems.
How far would I have to dig through your post history to find you asking for new flashpoints, operations, warzones or some form of new content, thus invalidating your own suggestion? i'm betting not very far.

Edit: Took 40 seconds.

Quote: Originally Posted by markcymru View Post
Oh, so THAT'S why they take part in OGRs ! ! ! I was wondering !

Seriously, though... I know you probably didn't mean it that way, but as a rationale for why some characters might be up for SGR this comes across as a little offensive.
No kidding. That was pretty bad.