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Lucky for the One Ring creation was "only there can it be unmade"

However, a friend of mine schooled me on LOTR lore when I posted this thread on my FB. Basically if the planet was destroyed, than that means the Maia and Valur (sp?) would also be destroyed. Hence the Sauron is dead, the ring is now just a gold ring. His soul/power no longer inhabits a portion of the ring. A second shot would take the ring itself. I'll repost that info here in an edit.

EDIT: [My friend Jerry]
i consider myself a Tolkien master and i will have to say that when the world was created in the Silmarillion, it was created by music, making the possibility for a deathstar to be made impossible, due to the lack of nuclear material necessary to power it. but if we where to cross realities, then we have to take in the fact that Ea is a planet while the Deathstar is a planet destoyer, and without the existence of the planet, the Valar would not exist, and if Aule dies, then sauron dies, no matter what. plus, there is no space defence on either Middle-Earth or Aman. thus, Deathstar>One Ring

the ring is a hoarcrux, and it has a spell that makes it indestructible except for the fires in which forged it, for they are the hottest fires in all of Ea. yet the existence of the Maiar is dependent on the existence of the Valar they served and who created them. in the Silmarillion, Eru, the father of the Valar, stated that if Ea should break, then all life would end. if Aule should die, so would Sauron, and the one ring would just be a piece of gold floating around in space. Deathstar>One Ring [/My Friend Jerry]

I think I disagree with Jerry. After Arda became round*, Valinor isn't any longer part of the planet. Its unclear if it is another planet/moon now or if it just floats there in space.

The Valar seem very comparable to the Ones from the Mortis arc in The Clone Wars. They are definitly magical entities = Force entities, so I think the Death Star wouldn't affect them. ("The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force.") It wouldn't completely destroy Maiar like Sauron either, I guess. Sauron's spirit escaped from Numenor** after all, so he might be lingering around in space an it might even be easier for him to find the ring, which is also floating around in space.

But what if some Jedi (many Jedi) created a permanent Wall of Light around the Ring? Would it become useless for Sauron, because he couldn't connect with it anymore?

*For those who haven't read it: the World with middle earth on it was once flat. But then some humans wanted to conquere Valinor because there the immortal Valar and Elves were living and they thought they could steal Immortality from them. Iluvatar (=God) buried them under some mountains, sunk their home (the Island Numenor) into the sea and removed Valinor from Arda, while giving Arda planet shape.

**Sauron was on Numenor during this time. He fell into the abyss and his physical form was destroyed. But his spirit got out of it, taking the ring with him.
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