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This is correct. I was using SGR as anything involved with flirting and romance options in general (however heavy or light they may be). I use SGRA to refer to same gender romance arcs, which means something more in depth than flirting. Hopefully that clears things up from my post.
So it's only throw-away [Flirt]s on Makeb, then?

Ugh, just, well... fine. Whatever. Not sure why I feel let down about this, it was always just going to be throw-away [Flirt]s but... yeah :/

I'm going to become a small ball of hate and misery for a while, see you guys in a bit.

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So with Makeb we're getting the former but not the latter? Have not been following the discussion yesterday, so I may be late to this.
That's exactly what's he's saying. There's a nagging part of me which says that the straight option will have access to both (because hey! why should straight people feel left out?), but I know I shouldn't feel bitter because I'm supposed to be SO HAPPY that Bioware took over a year to tell us we were getting [Flirt] options which won't lead to anything...


Soup time.