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If it makes you so mad to see these things happen maybe you should give them some advice instead of raging. Either that, or carry them through the flashpoint considering most people in this thread seem to have a god complex.
There is no reason to rage at someone for not understanding end game content.

Maybe you can let them know they can turn in a mission and get a sweet set of 51 tier pve gear? They would probably be very happy about it, and glad you told them.

Flashpoints can be two manned anyway, it's baby ****, no reason to rage at people in them who are starting out.

Also OP, I'm on pot5 as well.

Mind telling me your ign/guild so I can avoid you or hassle your gear? If you are not min maxed then it is fairly ironic to hassle people about the gear they are using, because you have the same problem. Hit me up, I'll give you some pointers
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