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Wrongly is a fleeting term, since George determines what is accurate and inaccurate according to his vision of the sw mythology.

Recently H2 (history channel 2) re-broadcasted a 2007 documentary on the mythology of star wars. A few big names were in it, like Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, JJ Abrams, Peter Jackson, and Kevin Smith, even Steven Colbert. Anyway, they trace the stories of all 6 movies and how the characters and plotlines mimic greek mythology, more modern "Classic Westerns," even historical events (like the rise of Nazi Germany and other dictators). None of this is news the people who follow SW of course, but I do think if you view TCW as expanding on those themes, it makes more sense.
I wouldn't get too uptight about the regular battle droids. They are fodder in the movies and comic foil in a Saturday morning cartoon.
As for Anakin ... what we all describe as being a whiny brat is unbridled emotion and passion. He showed it even in the episode from two weekends ago, when he urgently ordered a salvage team to go after R2-D2 without any regard for determining if the sector was secure ... after all, it had just been bombed. I am sure we will see more of his attachment issues as the series delves more into the secret married life between Amidala and Skywalker.
The only issue I have at this point with the clone wars was the introduction of the New Mandalorians as pacifists, and more recently the assassination of the black sun leader by the reborn Darth Maul in this past weekends episode. I'm sure the retconners are rushing to explain Prince Xizor's leadership of black sun in light of that episode.
Still, you have to acknowledge the slight nod to Star Wars Galaxies that the episode provided, explaining why the black sun and death watch started working together (they work together in the death watch bunker dungeon on Endor in the game and to make and market the restuss crusader armor to both sides of the GCW)