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I will admit it. January 2012 I was caught by a guildmate on Tatooine stuck in a class mission with my sawbone with knight gear on my chest piece (because it looked cool). The guildmate, did not yell, but explained to me what I was doing wrong and looking good was making the game harder on me than it was. That solo leveling a healer in my first MMO was going to be hard enough, I did not need to gimp myself further by wearing the wrong gear. I took his words to heart and I never asked for help for another mission again for my sawbones or any of my other toons now level 50.

I didn't do flashpoints outside of the guild leveling my sawbones, because it was my first MMO and my first time playing a healing class. Even heroics I either did not do them or I soloed them. That attitude changed when I leveled my operative, shadow and knight.

I have been demeaned once in a hmfp on my healer, before the flashpoint even started because I was not wearing my rakata shell top. The guy bemoaned me for a good 5 mins about needing the set bonus. I let him moan, ignored him until he threaten to kick me. I then said only two words Campaign Armoring. So before you give someone advise, think about how you are doing it and also make sure you know what you are talking about.