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01.22.2013 , 09:46 AM | #15
Hmmm.... I have a few pet peeves when it comes to FPs and stuff. My #1 is when people que in GF for a spec they aren't spec'd for. And it does get frustrating as some HMs which I've done so easily before become un-winnable and take longer than they should because someone can't do their job, or worse they won't do the job.

Note, I'm not talking about newbies trying out HMs for the first time. I'll gladly help guide the "new kids" through the terrain and even fight all the bosses, including the bonus ones, so that they get geared. I was a newbie once and I'll be happy to help them get from where I was once to where I am now in however their class will let them go. But if a person isn't spec'd for the role they qued for and instead of perhaps re-speccing quickly or dropping the HM and letting us get someone else just try to wing it.... And oh what do you know, it doesn't work.... Other group members have to use their defensive cool downs and their medpacs go from 10 to 5 (yes, it's happened because of this issue) because the healing wasn't being done or done below very poorly, or DPS is getting aggro ALL the time instead of the tank in spite of them pushing the threat dump button regularly (hey, even newbies tanks can keep aggro off of me during a HM in spite of me being in Black Hole gear and they're only a mixture of tionese and columi if they're spec'd for tanking and know what they're doing), or we keep hitting the enrage timer because someone isn't spec'd to do the damage their class is more than capable of doing.... and all because someone decided they should que for HMs with a spec they aren't spec'd for and then become shocked when the outcomes could've been better.

OK, my rant is over, but I just had to throw it out there as it is relevant in ways to this post and is so frustrating.