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in other words lets take a human paint them orange put stripes on them hello cathars!

Heres an idea have tose alien races use there ship companion as a translator bypassing the needed voice over work. Seriously this is what i mean jabba had c3p0 as a translator it would solve a lot of issues.
While a translator would let you hear the Basic version of the language, it wouldn't make sense for the character to never speak. So you'd still have to do the whole VO work described in the post above yours.

If new races are extremely popular, I could see that amount of work being done a loooong way down the road, but the Basic-speaking races are going to be easier and cheaper, by far, to create. They're not going to take on that much work without a pretty good idea that it would be profitable.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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