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I'm currently running def clicky but since I already have cca 600 def rating or 30% stimmed I find that I get very little in return from the DG def relic it pushes up my def rating to over 800 but less than 2% in terms of actual def gained. Problem was I got the relic before checking out the DR graph and from that I feel that a shield relic would be better, first of all shd/abs have much steeper curves but their actual DR sets on later, especially for shield, abs is about the same. Second I already have a fairly low shd/abs in comparison to other tanks and thus I feel that I would get more from the Shield Relic.

For second relic I am thinking either shd proc or WH/EWH defence, which in turn means I can get more shd/abs on gear.

Also aren't clikcies on 1m lock out from one another, and thus the second one could be used before the first one is off cd?
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