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Question: What is G0-T0's proposed way of having Revan assassinated? How will he accomplish this?
Uhhh.... Well, there are like 5 senarios G0-T0 supporters have thought up.....

I think the most probable will be the final confrontation. Grievous and Revan have one giant space battle over... where ever. It might be because G0-T0 nudged them in that direction, or it could be where the war eventually ends up. Either way, G0-T0 knows what's going down and comes to join the party. G0-T0 enacts the gravity well, which is on his stealthed yacht, to keep both trapped and fighting to the death. G0-T0 and/or his forces board both flagships during the fray (using his stealthed yacht) and sabotauge the vessels. The Zhug Brothers and G0-T0's personal droids could pull this off. Meanwhile, G0-T0 sends strike teams of Ubese assassins, HK-50s, and Gand to the bridges of both vessels. Last time Revan was "killed" when his ship was fired upon while battling a small strike team. The same could happen again. Or, his ship could be blown up by the sabotaugers. Grievous might be able to destroy the strike team sent after him (might) but G0-T0 has the fail-safe of just exploding that ship as well. And with the gravity well enacted, even if either of them somehow manage to esacape, they won't be able to leave anytime soon. The raging battle could just destroy whatever escape pod/ new ship they flee to.

Hence G0-T0 can take them both out in one fell swoop.
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