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Stop feeding the very obvious troll.
I've seen how both sides are and seen how their societies are.The empire seeks to bring order and stability to the galaxy but they rely on brute force and deception and demand that everyone bow down to their rule.The Republic also seeks order and stability but also encourages freedom and diversity among themselves.Each side truly wants to make the galaxy better but they go about it the wrong way and in turn have brought great strife upon the galaxy.I prefer the republic due to my preferences of a democracy and my preferences for the idea of diversity,but I understand and sometimes sympathize for the empire.But I do not enjoy nor tolerate their acts and their tactics,but I should expect nothing less from a society where Sith are supreme and everyone else is subservient
Empire is freedom, freedom from corruption of democracy, freedom from delusional rule of simpletons known as mob and regular citizens whos intelligence is only dozen points above monkeys. Empire offers grand advancement of civilisation, throu conflict and expansion - the most effective way. Empire illuminates its citizens with a master morality, from a mere citizen, thro soldier to the Sith Lords. They are united in one cause; supremacy of the Empire, yet they remain free to live their lives however they want. Empire is a freedom itself
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