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True on both accounts. I don't think it really matters who wins the battle, because G0-T0 can simply eliminate the victor. He doesn't operate in the same way these guys do. They just don't have the tools to deal with an opponent like G0-T0. They'll be fighting on his terms, not their own.
G0-T0 certainly operates differently, but I don't think that's the reason he has a appearent advantage. His biggest advantage comes from not being a part of the war and abstaining.

I think if it was just Revan vs G0-T0 or Greivous vs G0-T0 that it could be a different fight.

Also, if G0-T0 can't have the victor of Revan or Greivous assassinated right after the battle, then he loses a big part of that advantage. He has to get them killed very quickly after their victory.

Question: what is G0-T0's proposed way of having Revan assassinated? How will he accomplish this?