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01.22.2013 , 05:27 AM | #16
Have you got security questions on your account that you guessed wrong? (or atleast told you they were wrong)

Yesterday morning I tried to get on and apparently my security question was wrong (100% sure It was right), I kept trying and it eventually locked my account, giving the patcher service is temporarily unavailable message. I phoned up to get it fixed, only for it to not accept my security answer again and thus lock my account yet again. I phoned up again, waited on the line for 30 minutes and got no response so I gave up. Phoned again this morning, got my email changed, password changed and got my security answer (a letter was changed for some reason, the answer now made no sense so I know I was right) and now everything works fine.

What im trying to say is.. your account may be locked, if this is the case and you know you were right then you best ask for some sort of refund or whatever. I'm paying for 2 subscriptions, I bought cartel coins and then I had to pay for 3 phonecalls to get my account fixed when it wasn't my fault.. :S