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So I notice all Pyro PTs are using the PvP Eliminator set bonus, (+15% CRC on RS) but then I took a look at the PvE gear, and found the Combat Tech set bonus gives 8% dmg on RS. So isn't it more worth taking all the mods except the armoring and putting them into the PvE gear? I don't even play PT I just wanted to see everyone's opinions.

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Nope - not worth it for Pyro PVP. You would lose way too much Expertise, and, in turn, too much damage mitigation.

In fact, there's a lot of people running Pyro DPS that swear by using the old BM/Champ/Cent shells for the +15% RS Crit Chance bonus in PVE. Just slap in non-set PVE Armoring 27's and PVE Mod/Enhancement 27's. By being able to crit RS more often, it's a much larger DPS gain than a straight 8% damage buff. That's the intention, anyways.
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