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Those questions are mostly the reason I do not take part in surveys, even the gender questing is something I don't like (some people don't think of themselves as male or female, and such things are true for most of the other personal questions as well). The self image that people have is often different from what is true, so I would be really surprised if even half would give true answers on all of those questions. In the internet we are genderless, international, superstars who don't have to think about what we might otherwise in our day to day lifes.
The reason I did not include those other questions was because I could only make 10 questions on this basic account. The reason that I did put gender in there is because some of my peers are doing a similar research, only then with gender, so I thought it would be interesting to compare results. If you do not like to give your gender away, you can always skip the question. I hope that clarifies it a bit.