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Ok good, you healed in a lot games - again, how does that relate to hacking/exploiting?

So far, your entire argument is based on "I play for a leet guild hence I know everything!"

But since you claim "superior observational skills", tell me this:
Do you know how a lag switch works and what it would look like in game?
Do you know how speedhacks or teleporting works?
Do you know how GCD hacks work and what that would look like?

Please demonstrate your expertise, not just empty bravado. I could - can you?
Lag switches are silly and don't even really provide any kind of advantage. Most likely the player is dead when his connection finally catches up, as evidenced earlier in this thread with that x-lis or whatever guy who got his face exploded.
Speedhacks: carnage marauders with speed bonus with predation and picking up the speed boost
GCD hacks: carnage marauder using berserk and retaliate

In other words, l2p
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