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My friend and I are back after quitting this game around this time a year ago. We're looking to get back in the swing of things with a new guild. Before quitting we had completed most of the modes of the Ops content that existed at the time. I understand a lot has changed and that might not mean much now, but it might be important to know that we aren't completely clueless when it comes to the game .

We are looking for a guild that has room for the two of us in a 2nd (or 3rd, or whatever) ops group. We'd prefer a guild that has some sort of idea what it's doing but are prepared to join a group of good people that need a couple more to help them grow. We've never been guild hoppers and plan to stay with the group we find. Group PvP on off nights is a big plus. We don't mind doing our own thing as far as PvP is concerned, but it's dangerous out there alone and it would be nice to take you with us.

I'll include a bit of info about us. I'm not sure what all is included in these sorts of requests these days, so please feel free to squeeze me for more info.

I play a Sith Sorcerer and am comfortable playing both heals and DPS-- whichever is needed. I've done little for PvE since my return and am in mostly Elite/War Hero gear with a few Black Hole off-pieces. 1634 Willpower in her mix of PvE/PvP gear. I healed my server first progression guild from BC to Cataclysm in WoW and DPS'ed in my Rift guild, so I'm really okay doing either role.

My friend plays a Sith Juggernaut and is comfortable DPSing or tanking based on the needs of the group. She is also in mostly PvP gear, Elite/War Hero, so tanking full time would probably require a bit of gear. 1850 Strength in her current gear. She was main tank through all of our BC->Cata content and played DPS in Rift, so she is also comfortable playing whatever role the group needs.

If you need any additional info please post here or leave an in-game name to message. Thanks in advance for your replies and, hopefully, for your interest!